TRCN New Prices for PQE, Registration and License

TRCN new prices

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) recently made changes to its service price structure. This update intends to reflect the developing market and assure the quality of services provided, among other factors. In this blog article, we’ll go over the TRCN’s new rates and how to apply them.

While change can be difficult, knowing the new price plan will allow you to make more educated decisions about the TRCN test, certificate, and license. Before we continue, let’s have a quick recap of the duties of TRCN.

What is TRCN?

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is the regulatory agency in charge of registering, licensing, and regulating teachers in Nigeria. Its principal responsibility is to ensure the professionalism, competency, and ethical behavior of teachers throughout the country.

TRCN manages the teacher certification process, establishing criteria for teaching credentials and administering exams to guarantee that educators fulfill the requisite capabilities. TRCN also creates and executes policies to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Nigeria’s schools. The council also offers professional development opportunities to help instructors improve their skills and expertise.

TRCN Teachers Categories

According to the TRCN, there are four levels of qualified teachers, and they are categorised from A to D as shown below:


Ph.D Category A
Master’s Degree Category B
B.Ed, B.Sc. Ed., PGDE, PDE Category C
NCE Category D

Now let us look at the TRCN new prices.

How much is TRCN PQE?

To obtain TRCN certificate, you will have to first of all write TRCN exam otherwise known as Professional Qualifying Exam (PQE). It is only when you have written this exam and passed that you can qualify to register for TRCN.

The TRCN new price is listed below. Kindly note that you will have to generate a remita number and use it for payment in any Nigeria commercil bank of your choice.


Category A 8,000
Category B 7,000
Category C 6,000
Category D 5,000

How much is TRCN Certificate?

Getting a TRCN certificate is officilly known as TRCN registration. After passing the PQE exam, you are expected to pay for the registration within one year. Else the exam score will become invalid.

Below is the TRCN new price for registration also know as certificate.


Category A 17,000
Category B 13,000
Category C 10,000
Category D 5,000

How much is TRCN License?

Just like many professional bodies, TRCN issues license to teachers in Nigeria who are their registered members. The license can last for 3 years before renewal.

Below is the TRCN new prices for license.


Category A 30,000
Category B 24,000
Category C 18,000
Category D 12,000

Wrapping Up

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) plays an important role in encouraging teaching excellence and ensuring that students obtain a high-quality education.

TRCN is also planning to introduce a new policy where those who pass their exam will have just one year to register. Otherwise, their exam will become invalid after one year. This is similar to what the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is doing.

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