Best Approach to Beat Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)


Beating the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is one thing that gives candidates sleepless nights, some times, it does not solely depend on being verbally intelligent. But the ability to reason logically, and know how to tackle a question.

This guide on Scholastic Aptitude Test will help you to be better prepared and come out with flying colors after taking the SAT examination. Please check this ancient guide to getting into college that always works.

‘Beating’ the Scholastic Aptitude Test

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is designed to measure a student’s aptitude for college work. It is not an intelligence test, although good students are likely to do better. But with preparation, any student can measure up to his full capacity.
Important: The SAT consists of four 30-minute sections, two verbal and two mathematical. It is critical that the student make efficient use of the allotted time to get as much done as possible.

How to prepare

Read the instructions for each section in the preparatory booklet supplied by the College Board. They are identical to those on the test itself. Understanding them in advance will give the student more time to concentrate on the actual test questions, rather than on the instructions.
Take the complete SAT test in the preparatory booklet within the obligatory time limit. The score will indicate how much practice the student needs.
Concentrated practice in taking tests can help some students to sharpen their test-taking skills, which will save them time when it counts. Math refresher courses almost always help. Verbal improvement is more difficult.

Where to go for help

A number of SAT preparation guides provide good advice and sample practice questions. Cram courses can help, too, although not as much as is often claimed. Recommend ed: Ask for the names and addresses of former students who the service claims benefited from the course.
On the test:
Quickly go through the questions. Answer all those to which the answer is apparent. Use the time that’s left to go back and figure out the other questions.
Don’t be afraid to guess if the odds are favorable. All questions are multiple-choice, with four or five possible answers. One point is given for each right answer, and one-third or one-quarter of a point is lost for each wrong answer. Unanswered questions don’t count either way. If the student is not sure of the right answer but can eliminate two or more, the odds are that he’ll stand to gain more by guessing.
Above all
Don’t panic. Unlike students in the 1960s and 1970s, the present generation is going to college in a buyer’s market. Except for some top schools, the admission doors are open wider than ever.

Coaching for Scholastic Aptitude Test

The controversy over the effectiveness of coaching to raise Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores for college applicants heats up.
The testing service that gives the SAT has always claimed coaching doesn’t improve scores significantly. Why: SATS are supposed to measure fundamental scholastic abilities. That is the potential of the student, rather than past achievement.
Surveys indicate that coaching can increase SAT scores. Gains of as much as 100 points are reported. Since many colleges rely on SATS in selecting entrants, boosting the numbers is vitally important to students.
Where the situation stands: The testing service now admits that coaching can heighten scores. But, they feel, not by any dramatic amounts. The service’s conclusions:
Short-term drilling of fewer than 10 hours has almost no positive effect.
Students who put 20 hours into each subject can raise scores by 12 points in the verbal section and 20 in the math.
After 50 hours of coaching, scores might rise by 20 to 30 points. These increases are in addition to the typical 10- to 20-point gains made by students who take the SATS a second time.
A law of diminishing returns sets in after 50 hours. Question: Are the time and effort of coaching worth it?
The testing service continues to be skeptical. But those who have raised their scores significantly insist that the effort pays off.
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